A must know stock trading strategy (Useful for those under the Pattern Day Trade rule)

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This video introduces an extremely successful, low risk/high reward, stock trading strategy. Don’t believe such a thing exists? Watch the video and see for yourself that it does…

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Le déclic says:

Hi !

How do you protect your trades from promotion/news ?
(with penny stocks, that seems hard for this reason)
Do you select those with less volume, price evolution or other filters ?


newfreedom21 says:

1421: The Year China Discovered America – Gavin Menzies

lucasdawsontv says:

Thank you ;)

Joe O says:

Yup… great in a trending market. Be careful, it might kill you in a
choppy sideways market.

Artūras Drozdovas says:

“im no math genius” lol

Siyuan Zheng says:

this occured to me a lot. like what should I do if today’s stock reaches
both yesterdays high and low. should i hold it or sell it

Siyuan Zheng says:

the only hard part about this is buying the stock at the right time when
you first getting started

Rahat Khan says:

i could have saved 12k with this information at least!! Thanks for this
video I hope you make a new one to update this strategy. 

Philip Holwerda says:

yes a good strategy if you are catching an uptrend but if you look at even
the example stocks if you used this strategy for other parts of that stock
you would be forced to buy and sell at a loss and then buy at a high and
sell at a loss multiple times before you hit that uptrend. Could loose
allot of money before hitting an uptrend if ever.

mush max says:

Bad audio.

Francis M says:
Sean O'Donnell says:

im new to this, but this seems like it works. am I missing something or do
not see something in this strategy?

almanacaa says:

Not Defined for Cash Accounts

The Pattern Day Trading rule regulates the use of margin and is defined
only for margin accounts. Cash accounts can not use margin, so there is no
way to further restrict their use of margin, so there is no rule to
classify them as engaging in Pattern Day Trading. They may still engage in
day trading, even at a frequency that would classify a margin account as
engaging in Pattern Day Trading, as long as this does not result in free
riding, the selling of securities bought with unsettled funds before the
funds have settled. Any instance of free-riding will cause a cash or margin
account to be restricted for 90 days from purchasing securities with
unsettled funds.

03codyc says:

why is it that when I practice this strategy onDemand in thinkorswim, it
fails every time???? I buy on your buy signals, only for the stock to
immediately plummit below previous day lows.

aaron grant says:

great vids. other people charge thousands of dollars for this stuff, i
really appreciate it.

ThePilotBMP says:

What do we do in after hours trading over the weekend? Example, I own
SCTY. I bought at 78.5 and Fridays low was 82.00. Do I put a limit of
81.9 stop of 82.00 on Sunday night or wait to see what it opens at? PS –
Q4 delayed earnings comes out at 8am Monday morning.

Midnight Traders says:

You say options clear next day so you can trade them in cash account easily
with no PDT, but dont you need a big account to play options in the first

macrobyte 007 says:

Options and penny stocks baby, the bread and butter of a day trader!!

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

Keep in mind people, that this strategy will only be effective for the less
“volatile” stocks.

ecko3r says:

Thanks for the video. Quick question for you:
Let’s say yesterday, the stock traded at a high of 500 and a low of 499.
Now today, stock opens at 501 and has a low of 498. In this scenario, do we
buy at the open at 501? Also, do we stop out at 499 same day?

bhavesh1981 says:

Is it works all the time for you?

stockhaven says:

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kbaggetto says:

If I would of found this video 2 days ago i would saved 2k but i didnt give
up I searched for answers and found them here thank you ever since
yesterday and today I have made my 2k back and more thank you its very
effective one thing Dont let trading consume your life just like you said
its important to take a break loving your videos and having a lot of fun
making money and learning its my second week in this world.

stockhaven says:

ha, thanks for the love man… you might like my other video i just
uploaded. you also might be interested in my premium service that lets you
watch me trade live in real time with an audio feed. learn more at my
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Matt T. says:

its amazing that in this video google stocks were about $600 and today they
are over $900!

blinkers88 says:

Simple and effective! thanks for the video

boocaca23 says:

SH … in options does the reverse apply to puts in options, as well. also
— does it matter where the candle closes — or are we simply looking for a
break- regardless of where the close is?

stockhaven says:

that’s sick

Ultrakillerism says:

That is a really poor % return, try to shorten your holding time and focus
on finding stocks with a better % return. $29/month is really not that
good, your main aim should to get out of the PDT rule influence.

blinkers88 says:

nothing works “all the time” but this strategy can be very profitable

blinkers88 says:

it’s etrade pro

James Funpoleece says:

What program is that?

J Kay says:

I freaking LOVE you lol… Finally an easy to understand step by step guide
on proven buy & sell signals. I can easily see how powerful these signals
could be with both penny stocks and options. I got to check out the rest of
your channel. Thanks

Miguel Carnero says:

e.g. overnight drop for google. (previous to where you start your speech)

stockhaven says:

i just uploaded an options video to my channel. check it out

Dano mite says:

You should have to pay for this kind of information. Great video

Brian Newman says:

I love this video. What a simple, yet effective way to make some good
money! I’m very excited to implement it. I started today. I bought some
stock at buy signal. I’m now setting up my next stop loss sale for
tomorrow’s day and I got an FREE RIDE WARNING. What should I do about this?
Thanks so much for your time and assistance.

Ben Powell Media says:

Good tip, seems to make a lot of sense!

MROFEIM1 says:

I back tested this strategy with SIRI at $3 starting in 01/01/2013 with
$8000 initial investment with a 2 cent stop loss and reinvested the profits
and losses until 9/6/13. total profit was $265.50 after nine months. If you
were to hold the stock you would have made $1,990. Seems like a good idea
but got stopped out too many times. it might be useful in some ways by
experimenting with the stop loss limit. Need to observe the trend and the
range the stock is trading and adjust accordingly.

stockhaven says:

that is the hard part, if you choose to make it so… the easy part is
focusing on the same 5-10 stocks everyday and waiting for one of them to
give the signal. for me I watch AAPL, GOOG, TSLA, SPY, GLD, NFLX, AMZN,
PCLN, FB, DDD daily

stockhaven says:

that’s the risk that you have to accept… not with this strategy alone but
with any strategy that involves holding something overnight

stockhaven says:

did you back test it both ways? Were you shorting it on sell signals or
only going long on buy signals?

stockhaven says:

really appreciate that man

Titan says:

Thx for the info! Helps a lot!

stockhaven says:

The program is Etrade Pro.

jdvicvega0 says:

Blah blah blah

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