A Simple Stock Trading Strategy that Works

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A Simple Stock Trading Strategy that Works


Make Money Trading Stocks says:

hi yannick sorgho no tools i dont know what you mean?

Vass says:

so this is simply based on movement patterns and has absolutely no
influence from news or ongoing market information. just watching patterns

kevin gutierrez says:

What about the volume, or the tool you have below the price?

Ray Spahn says:

so i have a question on this because i want to start trading this summer
but i am not eighteen and i want to know how i can still trade online
without having to wait till i am eighteen

Masud Khan says:

Even though I have attained a Master degree in finance, in real trading it
is very different. All the models to do valuation and predict the market
movement is a mammoth task and the ratio of failure is quite high. For
example, the security-Boeing in my calculation is too overvalued, but it
seems market participants are too optimistic.By the way, I do not trade
share but forex, futures and indices. This is perhaps my second comment in
your channel. I like your ways/strategies/techniques, simply because I went
through the same struggle as you do. In my opinion, trader should have the
patient to accept the probability of failure and do learn how to minimize
risk ( or increase Sharpe ratio).In line with you, understanding the
support, resistance, breakout, pullback is pivotal and then acting
accordingly……thanks for all your good work.

Karan Soam says:

can it work for trading sub pennies? :)
Thanks in advance. 

Yadi Liu says:

Every strategy works well in certain market conditions. Breakout works well
in a strong trending market. Entry is not really that at all important.
People buy on 16th ,17 th or even after the big gap up day are also in the
profit because the momentum is up and strong. This strategy for sure will
incur many losses. But as long as keeping risk management in control, you
will make money. 

onee says:

So you look at the support and resistance?

Kelvin Aw says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Humphrey Bumphrey says:

Hello Sir; thank you for your videos they are very informative. I have a
question though- how do you tolerate holding a stock right before the
earnings announcement? One could really get hammered if earnings turn out
to be below expectations and the stock gaps down. Thanks.

C.J. Martin says:

Hello, great video! What kind of computer software do you use in this
video? Thanks!!

Yannick Sorgho says:

Hi there
What is the tool that used to analyze the chart in this video?

Shon Zhankin says:

In shares you can’t have a strategy which sometime works and sometimes not.
When sometimes not will happen you will loose a lot of money. Try virtually
use this strategy on any chart and you will understand how many times you
will be wrong. When you will be wrong you will loose money, when you loose
money you start to be nervous and make another big mistake and so on.

The best strategy is long term investment based on analysis of sales, P/E,
EPS growth, future sales potential, sustainability of the company,
macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is important, because when DOW is going down
almost all the companies go down. It happens because trillionaires, do not
play stocks, they play currencies and stock indexes. When they sell DOW
index for a trillion US all the companies on the market automatically go
down not depending on their growth potential. So life is not such easy
thing as on this video))) and you are playing with very powerful and very
rich peoples game like in Casino. So be smart and careful.

Pete C says:

How many stocks do you watch and how many trades are you in at the same
Thanks for the video

Leo Anoso says:

thank you so much for sharing. this is very good for beginner like me.

J Black says:

I’m really interested in getting started in trading. Swing trading looks
very appealing to me . I saw one of your videos where you mentioned you
wrote a book on the subject. Could you please give the price and title? My
email is julblack40@aol.com, Any help you could give me would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

Ray Spahn says:

What program do you use for watching and trading stocks?

William Elbaum says:

Hello “Make Money Trading Stocks” Thanks for sharing this video for all of
us. I was wondering if you could give me advice on a stock. It’s called
Foamix Pharmaceuticals. It’s symbol is FOMX. It had its IPO back in
September and has traded in a VERY narrow range until recently when it
broke out. Would you buy, sell, or hold now (on a daily basis) ?

sonyboy917 says:

Where can i go to get a good platform to research stocks? What platform do
you use?

Smartmoney101 says:

Great video thanks for sharing.

I’m fairly new to trading, been watching your YouTube channel and many
others for a while (5 months). I’m in a stage that I feel ready to take to
the next level, by that I mean starting investing small portions using demo
account then progress from there.

What platform and broker are you using in this video? Im in the UK and
finding very had to find a good broker that has good charting.
Thinkorswim or Etrade no longer operates here in the UK.


Shane Szeszycki says:

They are asking what website/tool you are using to view this stock? Thanks

Asongafec Nkengbeza says:

I am interested now in learning trading from you. Broken down, simple, and
clear from information to using the chart. The research on that online is a
bit sketchy and unclear, and although I have read a lot so far, I still
feel like I have not learned enough to continue even paper trading. Can you
send me an email on how I can receive this step by step training? 

DeckoDangoBob says:

Really like the video I will subscribe. I always believe in keeping it

Leonidas Berberis says:

I really thank you about this videos you are very cleare here

xolani methula says:

Thanks 4 this video. 

ocboarder055 says:

awesome!! thank you!! :)

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