Best Forex Moving Average Strategy for Intraday Trading

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3Dimension Strategy.
This Strategy is a 3 Dimensions Trading Strategy. That is why I call as 3D System. This System is mainly useful for Intra-day Traders. Swing Traders also can use this System as well.
This System is a Trend Trading Strategy. This System can be used in our everyday trading. Trading this System in between 7am to 4pm GMT gives great results.
This 3D System can be used in any Currency Pair, Stocks, Commodity and Bullion Charts. This simple Strategy can be used by Beginners Also.
Here we use 60 Simple Moving Average(SMA) only. In fact, Moving Average is a Lagging Indicator. But, in this Strategy, we use this effectively.
As we have discussed in Moving Averages post earlier Moving Average can be used to;
• Identify Trend Direction,
• Find Support and Resistance Levels,
• Catch Entry and Exit Points.
We use this System effectively with them.
First of all we use 60 SMA to identify the trend. Open any currency pair you want 4 Hour Chart. Draw 60 SMA on that Chart.

We can identify that, Down Trend is going on in EUR/USD 4 Hour Chart. Now open EUR/USd 1 Hour Chart and draw 60 SMA on that.

Here in 1 Hour Chart also Down Trend is going on. So, Trend is confirmed. Now to catch the Entry Points, open EUR/USD 5 Minute Chart.

We got 2 Trading Opportunities in same day with nice profits.
What did we do? With 60 SMA Indicator;
• Identified the Trend Direction in 4 Hour Chart,
• Confirmed the Trend Direction in 1 Hour Chart,
• Traded the 5 Minute Chart.
A Simple Strategy. Right? Though Moving Average is a Lagging Indicator, we have moved with Trend and followed Price Action. We can trade any Currency Pair with this 3D System.
I use some Tools to make this 3D System so… simple for comfortable trading. With those Tools;
• We don’t need to open same Currency Pair 3 Charts or switch between the Time Frames,
• We don’t need to check each and every Currency Pair to check the Trends, Confirmations and Entry Points.
These Tools provide you everything.
One Tool shows you all three Time Frames in a Separate Window. So… no switching in between the Time Frames.

Another Tools searches and displays you 17 main Currency Pairs showing you the Trend in all three Time Frames and give you the final conclusion.

What else? It gives you Popup Alerts with Sound each and every time you get an Entry Signal in all 17 Currency Pairs.
If you want all the Tools which I am using in this 3D Strategy, Buy here.
What you get?
• Multi Time Frame Window Indicator,
• Another Simple Confirmation Indicator which shows you 3 Time Frames with “Blue for Buy” and with “Red for Sell”.
• 3D System Dash Board Indicator,
• Chart Setup Template,
• Multi Pair Dash Board Template and
• Videos; How to Setup Charts and How to Trade the Strategy
Buy the Complete System for $90 or Rs.4500/-
For any doubts or clarifications, contact;
Mobile: 08331994455

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Best Forex Moving Average Strategy for Intraday Trading



Amit Khandelwal says:

Good 1.. ll try if it works for almost all the market

Mohd Hafisze Mohd Fadhil says:

what is the setting?

Amit Khandelwal says:

1 more question, what in case, as it depicts in your another example, when
price is below 60 SMA in 4H and 1H chart but the price keep moving below
and above the 60 SMA, this would get the stop loss hit several times. Any
comment of Improvement in this scenario.

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