Day Trader Cribs Tamarindo Edition with Cameron Fous! Learn FOUS4 Day Trading Tips Today!

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Day Trader Cribs Tamarindo Edition w/ Cameron Fous! 30% Holiday Sale | Learn How To Trade Small Caps and Penny Stocks



Dillon Brantner says:

Do you have any videos of you actually trading live and what platform do
you use for trading?

Brendan Corcoles says:

Nice Cameron! I will be getting the dvd soon! Got to start on this. Looking
to be taught. What online broke do you prefer to start?

us1way says:

Might be an idea to try and get a discount on future rental property by
telling them you will put link your vid to there site after a virtual
showing round like this one. Have fun man cool lifestyle.

Bee Pauly says:

Maaan this dude is a winner #CameronBall

William Wells says:

Hey Cameron,

I’m super jealous of your lifestyle. How do I sign up to learn with you?
I’m trilingual (Japanese/Chinese/English), got my college background in
financial economics and mathematics, and I want to be trading across all 3
countries and be making a worldclass winning situation with you. Is that

Carter Boxfield says:

Can’t wait to be rich XD $$$$$$

Thx man I’m going to buy your guides and books u really inspire me.!!!!

DIY with Zoreslava Shevtsova says:

Оце люди живуть……Не те що ми…..Існуємо….

Tim van Steen says:

Cameron, what’s the broker you recommend for starting with a balance of
500-1000 euro ?

Ryan Hudock says:

Kunal on CLDX, I swear you guys trade the same exact stocks as me lol

Daniel B says:

Lets see the B roll footage – Fous X

Ania Piasecka says:

Hey cam i am interested in THE ORIGINAL FOUS4 dvd set i have a question and
it would help me a lot if you could answer it with your complete honest
expertise. I don’t have a lot of money to start off trading with so would
it be a better idea for me to build that money up so i can afford both the
dvd and investing or should i buy the dvd first because i still have a lot
of learning to do, if your dvd can teach me a strategy that will work 110%
as long as im willing to put in the effort i would be very interested in
the purchase. what should i pick first?? many thanks :)

Ron O'Daniels says:

Thank you – inspiring!

Sleven2013 says:

good stuff man!!! SNSS jump, was it on Monday 17, 11:15-12:15

Rudy says:

Thanks for showing me SLTD Cameron, you are awesome! SLTD should most def
have a blue sky breakout soon!

Tim Jasmin says:

I would love to be you

dimi prophete says:

Motivation to Trade!!!

Fluxhy says:

What broker are you using for 2015?

melvin martinez says:

Man I love surfing tamarindo can’t wait to go back .. Teach me how to trade

Tony Miles says:

Cameron thanks for the video. Your keeping me motivated for 2015$$$$$$$$

Ania Piasecka says:

Do you need charting software for day trading or is it just an option????

Mike Collins says:

I was right about ‘HERO’ so suck a butt to whoever said I was wrong

Juan Gonzalez says:

Hey I’m 15 and would like to start what’s the first step I should take? 

Daniel SaDOVY says:

hey cameron how much $$$ is your chat room a month?

Luis Maldonado says:

Whats your website or where do I sign up for the lessons 

SEX2316 says:

nice chicks

Tone Tone says:

post some more video’s

Play Boy says:

Cameron, wassup with the videos?

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