Day Trading – 4 Trades, 100% success – Meir Barak

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How to day trade for 30 minutes and make $1,800.
Meir Barak day trading live on March 16th 2015.

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Meir Barak says:
DuPa says:

What software are you using?

AnselloftheChromeRC says:

Wait… DD only gapped down 2%. Usually you look for a 3% gap or more. Did
you short when you saw the failure to close the gap (reversal)?

Zorenum says:

how do you know when it breaks down sorry i am new to trading

ape857 says:

Hey Meir, I have a question for you. For someone just starting out, such as
myself, who wants to learn from you to trade, where would I get the capital
to make these trades? The stocks you are trading are very expensive for
someone with a smaller account, especially with the amount of shares you
put into them. What do you recommend for someone to do to make the amount
of capital to trade these stocks?

Odd Bodd says:

Hi Meir, how did you pick these four stocks to trade?

Rock TheWorld says:

Can you give me your email sir so I can contact you. Im planning on
becoming a trader and i need more information about it.
I need a good tutor. Please reply

mike muse says:

Wow great lefting moment if you catch the up and then down 3k$ 

Lakith Lankaputhra says:

Great vids… 

Sanjay Chowdary says:

Great !!!

WLL trapped me on that day u did great

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