Day Trading Methods So Easy Anyone Can Use

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Trading price action with John Paul in the morning. The Founder of Day Trade To win conducted this live webinar and demonstrated how easy it was to use the Atlas Line trading software as well as the ABC method of trading on the emini SP and Euro Currency by using the best daytrading methods
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كاشم واتع says:

thank you very match… you helpful for me 

Steve Kaldi says:

Can you talk any slower ????????


u look like pro . sorry :-) can i follow 

Susan Foxwell says:

Hi can i email you please how do i get to messaged you. 

Susan Foxwell says:

do you trade CFDS 

Tony Groot says:

Can your method apply to Forex?

jayzee says:

So you only ever trade on day trades in the start off the last qautre?? So
the ABC method you only ever trade on start of C? IS that about 3pm UK
time? Thnks

jayzee says:

Is your site and webinars free or do you charge a fee?? Like your ABC
method alot but i did think there was 2 oppertunitys on that chart by
candles i identified i could off made money you have very strict rules and
patience and stick to them by not even trading that day if B to C is a
straight line thats good i havent got that i need it though very good vids

jayzee says:

How much is atlas software does it work on plus500

raymondlcm Men says:

this is really about day trade…I have tried that…quite useful but the
software is quite different….I trade in the 30-min zone time…this is a
5-min zone time…look down at the bottom if you are not sure at what I am

Tiffany Kolevens says:

thanks for the day trading video

tommbstone1 says:

Looks good but out of my price range at this time. 

ravenwda007 says:

shit stock to trade.

Aditya Singh says:

i like you very much

Green Room Binary Options says:

Nice, way to go…

venuspsychic says:


Sandeep Patel says:

Unique technique to look at the most current price action. However to
control your risk so tightly you also severely limit your upside.
Interesting post though.

Paul Johnston says:

Thanks for the video

nataliesagoess says:

Best video

bigkula1 says:

how can use this method , without being hit by the spread ?

SpicyHam says:

most of the time stocks dont move like that lol, I am doing day trading

Nación Sin Estado says:
Marcel Preda says:

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giggi4455 says:

If i place a trailing stop buy order on a $50 stock with a $1 trail does
that mean that a market buy order will be created when the stock price hits
$49? or when the stock price reaches $51?

pierre1122 says:

very good video. is it works on the long term ?? 5 min charts !! A lot of
traders says it’s impossible to make money on the long term with a 5
minutes charts. what do you think ?

antonysixfive says:

are you talking about one point or one pip?

Noam Hiltzik says:

hey awesome job buddy. Quick question, what type of software are you using?
Cheers! ~Noam

ikaba12 says:

Is this based off penny stock or big board stocks

Day Trade to Win says:

Thanks, more trading videos to come so stay tuned…



ozinvesta says:

good jiob :-)

freeSCALPINGindicato says:

nice methods… thank you

Leela Raj says:


epicwhat001 says:

@ daytradetowin how much money do you need to trade short

itube8421 says:

my question is whats the name of your program that you can see the
statistik from sell or buy or red and green… name of program?

Capital Forex Training says:

I agree. The 5 minute chart can be a great way to catch moves a lot
earlier. Very good tutorial guys. Nice work.

forexth says:

good technic , thanks

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