Day Trading – Scalping Strategy

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Day Trading – Scalping Strategy
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Scalping is one of the most popular day trading strategies in the world. The biggest issue people run into is that they have no idea how to identify a trend in the market, and play on that trend. By using the Bollinger Bands SMA and the SimpleMovingAverage technical indicators on your chart you are able to see trends before they happen. By using this Scalping strategy you will be able to minimize the risk you take on while trading.

Trading is risky! Do not partake in trading without the knowledge and understanding of the stock market and how it works! Do not invest with money that you need to live because there is always the possibility of losing the money you put in. Trade at you’re own risk.


Tim Schmidt says:

Hi there, what is your other indicator? Around 1:40, you mention the
“moving average” or the “standard moving average””? Do you mean the simple
moving average? If so, for how many periods do you set it to? Also, are
you looking at a 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 15M, or 60M chart? Thanks

michael caballero says:


PZ1234 says:

Moving average crossover? There is no edge here.

DJNaydee says:

Great vid, thanks. I believe its pronounced bo-lin-ger, though had a good
laugh at the way you’ve combined the all the syllables to where it almost
sounds like Blinger :) Thanks again

Olivia Bell says:

wow im gonna try this later

Der Watspn says:

Thanks dude. Really helped out!

TheMoneyManiacTV says:

Even though I don’t it in the video I’ll use momentum studies to see when a
break out may or may not happen.

BestGameGuru says:

dude Sooo aweeesomeeee. You should make more videos. You really know what
you’re doing

Dudey Wiley says:

thank you so much!

Ron Hessing says:

How do you recognize to ignore crossovers during less volatile periods –
and how do you recognize this period is over to get back in?

beaytyNbeast says:

this really helped thanks

Ron Hessing says:

… with other words at 3:05 you mention you are getting back in. How you
concluded that? Are you still trading it today?

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