Day Trading Tips: The Most Reliable Time Interval for your Charts

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Close Day Trading Tips: How to Choose the Best Time Interval for Your Day Trading and Swing Trading Charts for stocks, stock market, Forex, futures or emini.


eddyvideostar says:

You sound scattered.

Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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eddyvideostar says:

Regarding the chart time intervals: The most popular time intervals and
indicators used are also the ones used by steath market makers and
specialist to fake out potential purchasers. Ironically, it is they, much
of the time who draw the patterns on the charts and send the unsuspecting
on a wild goose chase.

Jotto999 says:

Not at all. There are multiple trading opportunities for me every day; I
only started making progress when I started heavily filtering low
probability trades. Nowadays I don’t bother with a 4M or 1M entry unless
it’s going along with the 30M/1H. Bigger time frames are more for my exits,

318767663 says:

Your material is superb and spot on !!!! Thanks for posting

VeteransAgainstKonop says:

I look at a 15 second chart.

Gann Nifty Formula says:

TIMES/MONTH. 3 OFFERS contact: youtube channel name

Jotto999 says:

For me, a mix is crucial. I trade intra-week, and for that I must check
daily, 4H and 15 min, and usually also 30 min and 5 min (for my entries, a
mix of smaller time frames helps a lot to confirm). Also keep the weekly in
mind, it shows the “big picture”. It takes practice to make all that
information make sense, but if you don’t learn to paint the picture you
will miss.

eddyvideostar says:

You sound as if you are an investor. Maybe this is a good thing for you. I
bid you well with this.

physics2112 says:

“What’s your psychological need for trade frequency?” Yes, that’s a very
important consideration. I didn’t realize until recently how important it
was to my own trading. Great video, thanks.

Dovydas Pruckus says:

@yqsqewj Its not that hard, I’m at about 490% and climbing. Finding the
right trading system is key. I use this for 80% of my trades. Check out the
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