Emini Futures Part 1 Basics (ES) How to trade Futures

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How to trade the emini ES Futures Beginner basics Part 1 of 3 parts


Steve Zussou says:

Can you lose more than the value of a contract?

Mike Cleveland says:

Yes, true, “you can really make a lot of money trading the ES.” Or, like
the majority, you can really lose a lot of money trading the ES. 

2011October14 says:

This is my first futures lesson. Thank you!

earthawaken says:

Nice Vid mate, Appreciate it, Dont stop giving this info out for free!!!

Lou C says:

This video might be basic but this is the basic I need. I love the video
and it opens my trading ideas, I really like this video, waiting for the
2nd part.

pat mich says:

That was an inspiring dare I say exciting video. I am a novice, and thus
far have only traded stocks, I didn’t even know what ES was, although I
have seen it talked about many times. Thanks for educating.

K says:

@jo12208 how much $ did u pay to see this video idiot

AEVautomatic says:

its not their fault its the fault of the people stupid enough to pay.

dtraindoes says:

I disagree. The maker of this video has money from investing and studying
the market and he helps people get knowledgible every day from his radio
show. And if you know quality his videos help educate. You should rag on
people that charge 5000 dollars for the same information.

shutDadoe says:

youtube is not the best place to learn to trade

dazedbitai says:

Very helpful vid. Thanks!

lifehousejudo says:

Good informative video. This strategy is just as good as eminikit(dot)com

Felipe Oliveira says:

ANyone who trades e-mini here can make how many points avarage per month?
obviously trading with setups using risk management too

Bigtruck2007 says:

always learning something new..thanx

leejacob120 says:

GREAT video. Thanks for explaining these things for us.

MogTrader says:

can u takl about the pit, and how they call it. whats evesn trade?

Starcraft2pt says:

i think its easier with patterns.

cheesphht says:

I think you should entitle this one Why Trade Futures instead of How

sommi says:

@pattystaff — Yes. They’re called “derivatives” because they derive from
the underlying stock price. The contract bonus or loss happens as the stock
price or index moves. A contract price doesn’t change… it’s just an
arbitrary measure of exposure to the market you take.

Cobalt961 says:

great video, thanks Could you tell me please, as the margin for emini s&p
500 futures is $500, how much is the maintenance margin?

adollar4u says:

You are my heroe rightnow…Please tell me which part of the world you are
from so I can synchronise my watch. I am in brisbane Australia – I want to
be able to wake up early and listen to your comments.

wisheye1 says:

This video is perfect! This is exactly what I was hoping to find when I
searched youtube tonight. Thanks DTRS!

DouglasIIII says:

Really good review here, and no bs, your not trying to sell anything or
scam people, just provide good info to the experienced and beginners like

Joe T says:

I now trade using price action with the Pipdaq setups and it has moved me
from a break even trader to a profitable one. If you are struggling finding
good entries or not sure where to exit, take a look as it might suit you

John James says:

good video

trotta244 says:

Great clip mate it was really helpful for a beginner like myself. Much
appreciated keep it up

tremasi says:

thank you for the important ES basic information was very help full God
bless, Keep up the good job you are helping lot of people who are just
starting in futhres thank you again

EminiAcademy says:

John, this is a very good broad overview of the e-mini futures market. But
I think a trading account with only $1000-$2000 capital is set up to fail.
In my opinion, a trader needs AT LEAST $5,000 to start trading e-mini
futures. Sure, you can probably open an account with less, but the leverage
of the S&P e-mini could easily wipe out a new trader. Stay profitable,
Chris Dunn

MrMaier3000 says:

Have you read the book?

ford7k says:

please tell me which settings for the chart? which are moving averages used
in this example? very useful. thanks ford

renduke says:

yea yea….just another i will tell you how to do it IF you send me a
little money video…..if he was that good he wouldnt need your 29 bucks

Che V says:

@EminiAcademy If your a beginner trader 1k-2k will wipe you out. But if you
have experience and discipline and enter trades at the right time you can
make it.

diver05 says:

DAY TRADER ROCKSTAR……. jesus I thought this was a KISS rock n roll clip
! Thanks for nothing. lol.

secretbonus says:

futures have unlimited risk, right? why not trade options on futures

sxr951 says:

still $2000. to trade or is the margin higher now?

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