Learn to Trade – Trading 101 – The basics you need to know about trading

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In this session we cover
* Rule of 72 basics
* How to apply the rule of 72
* DO’s and DONT’s for trading
* Why you need to worry about your overall capital and not the trades
* The importance of Portfolio planning
* What you need to know before you trade

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Christian Caspers says:

I like your video, but Share Point slides would probably work out better.
Just a thought…. thanks for providing the videos.

jayzee says:

Hi is this rule off 72 to give you patience? ? Can i ask are you about
today or you a billionaire and stopped or anything? Im starting with a 1000
in demo i started with 5k in 1 month ive qaudrupled it

jayzee says:

Do u think u could train someone from the rock bottom?? Ie in nappies like
a baby? Im raw only 8 weeks demo n learning thnks

Christian Abela says:

Good job mate, really good job. Keep it up. As an average trader I can say
comfortably that your insights were very useful.

Dina Jones says:

i do not understand this rule of 72 please

Mike Lau says:

Your videos are very informative and I can sense that through your videos
you are very patient with your trading. I have just started playing with a
demo account and before watching ur videos I was making random entries and
any given price point. Do you recommend continuing with demo ? or move on
to the real thing for like $1000 ? As an avid poker player, I use to play
alot of fantasy poker but that never really taught me just because I knew
it was play money. Your thoughts ?

gee645ci says:


Michael Abramov says:

Hi Mike !) im mike 1st time watching; really enjoyed your session wondering
if you have facebook ?

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

Its towards the end of the video – to understand hedging you should come to
the 3 hedging sessions in the future. For starters – I recommend not to
trade until you FULLY understand hedging and make sure you practice it in

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

Thanks for kind words. If you are on the DEMO of the Traders-Hideout
Platform I would suggest you stick to demo until you can prove YOURSELF you
can follow the rules If you are trading through a Broker and not the
Traders-Hideout Platform then I would say you must understand all of
lessons 101 and 102. The main reason for knowing the lesson if you are
using another Platform is that none of the other platform have the rules
BUILT-IN (like rule of 72, 2:1 TP/SL and forced stoploss). Mike

Richard Bagaforo says:

goo morning Mr. Mike Metheral. I’m Richard Bagaforo from the Philippines. i
am rely interested to trade in traders-hideout. I never trade before, and
when i saw the video’s, I don’t understand how its works…I have some few
question’s. Can you please help me to understand this kind of business? 1.
Is it your site is applicable in our country? 2. If I invest in here how
can we get access to the flat-form? 3. and if I won or lose from the
trading how do i get the money? thank you Sir. that’s all

rangeseven says:

Thanks alot for sharing a lot of info. This kind of info is actually very
valuable and very hard to find. I feel like you are a very experienced and
knowledgeable trader. Not a lot of trader will reveal their secret but you
are completely the opposite, you share everything! God bless you man!

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

Thanks for kind words! You are welcome to use the Platform (see link from
main page). It has many tools for better trading. If you want to use a
Broker and not the Platform let me know and I’ll recommend you one

Maro Vok says:

this video got liitle slow begining not explaining us how valuable info we
get here i almost left , and i jumped to min 19:30 from beggining, i am
glad i stayed -btw audio is pretty bad need some better mics,well there is
a saying where i am from dont look how pretty are tooths of a horse u got
as present -specially apllys here -THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VALUEABLE INFO
HERE -VERY VALUABLE-THANX VERY MUCH !!!!, you are amazing this is the best
video on you tube i seen so far-mean from all the videos!

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

Its not time based – look at the do/do not rules. its based on your target
TP/SL rates.

gee645ci says:

Do you recommend a beginner to hedge from jump street or just use stop

Tom Tipene says:

Thanks Mike I have been looking every were to try and find out information
re trading i’m so glad that i was able to come across your videos on
youtube they are the best by far and thanks you for taking your time in
teaching us all if your ever thinking of comming down to Australia or New
Zealand let us know would be happy to return some help to you for the help
youve given here. Thanks again

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

first, the 20% was only with HEDGING, not for normal trading. Also, listen
carefully, as I only suggest to say under 5% The rest of the answers about
doubling are in next few lessons

Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

1. yes 2. you can download it from the site – link is on the main page of
the Channel (or do a Google search for TRADERS-HIDEOUT) 3. most users use
PayPal to both deposit and withdraw. As a note: I personally suggest you
start with demo and look at all my the lessons on YouTube before your
deposit. The Demo will also ensure you understand how the platform works
and how to make money with it. Cheers, Mike

Rishabh Rawat says:

I have a question Mr. Metheral. Say I use 4:1 TP/SL ratio. But for this to
work, I will need to make sure that every trade has equal amount of money(
say $400/$100) as the TP and SL right? But as you know, this is not good as
every pair has different volatility and some might take a few hours while
other may take weeks to reach the target! So should a trader stick with a
constant TP/SL money ratio or a just constant TP/SL ratio? How can a trader
avoid the problems mentioned before?

lomparti says:

My god your students are sloooow. I was dieing listening to the answers
coming in for the 72 rule

j19890 says:


Traders-Hideout Live FOREX sessions says:

Thanks for the kind words. Its comments like this that make me keep up the
videos. I will probably be doing live lessons On Sundays 5pm GMT / 12pm
EST. the schedule will be on googleliveevents . com (search for FOREX). The
conditions for the recording were inadequate and Im working on the audio

gee645ci says:

that would be awesome


You need to teach people how market manipulation works with smart money
traditional technical anaylsis doesnt work neither does chart patterns.

Jon Georgeson says:

I just want to say thank you very much for all this work you really are
doing for other people.,,, I am going to be watching all your videos, since
the last time I traded was when i was 16 on my mothers account. I like how
you are going into the science behind everything. TThe rule of 72 is a
sweet goal. I can’t wait to trade live. started at 10k capital last night
and I’m up to 11.2.. so lets see if i get better the more i watch.

Muhammad Ali Giquina says:

ts man is amazing. the platform has become the reason why i wake up in the

angelero241977 says:

cool. just downloaded the thp. just have to learn much :)

Paul Bjorn says:

I wanted to know, Do you expect to make 3% every day, or 24% every month??
U seem to rely on these numbers. also you suggest Risking a max of 20%
doesn’t this mean i could Loss 20% in one day? How likely is a Steak of
losses. even 8-10 seems likely to wipe out an account

rangeseven says:

Thanks alot for sharing a lot of info. This kind of info is actually very
valuable and very hard to find. I feel like you are a very experienced and
knowledgeable trader. Not a lot of trader will reveal their but you are
completely the opposite, you share everything! God bless you man!

yelnatz says:

Wow, this was a really professional answer. Glad to know you guys care for
the small guys too.

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