Live Day Trading Feb 26 2015 TWS

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My first day trading with Interactive Brokers on their platform Traders Work Station TWS. Journey with me as I get used to the new platform and experience stumbling blocks and even an internet connection issue.
As a good sign I made a small profit on the day and hope this is a small glimpse of whats ahead.
Interactive Brokers is one of the biggest names in the industry. And unlike Colmex CFD they are not trading against your order and you can be rest assured that IB is on my side.
This is a live recorded day trading video and I hope that you can learn something to help you in your trading.
Thanks to all my subscribers and I thank you for watching

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nainjatt says:

What? No more new videos ?

stephenshuman1 says:

Colmex was trading against your order? How does that happen?

nainjatt says:

Welcome back Nate ! I just checked the commission structure of IB on their
website. It is awesome, even cheaper than TradeNet. 

CaptainBestephar says:

Welcome back twaydew! 

nainjatt says:

I think you have been run over by a truck. Rest in Peace my friend. 

Kelly K says:

Nathan…welcome back, you’ve been missed! Great trading given the
challenges, always tough changing platforms and learning the little
nuances, I know as I just changed from ToS (commissions too high) to a
direct access broker and I feel clumsy at best. LOL as I have had my
wireless mouse die in the middle of a trade, definitely gets the heart
pounding, so I now use rechargeable batteries and change them out weekly.
Again, welcome back…always enjoy your vids.

randomgenius says:

Nathan, what do you use as far as a trading room/community? I was planning
on joining Tradenet’s trading room. Do you follow anyone on twitter or
other sources for realtime trade ideas?

Jason Sluzele says:


katura simmons says:

Why did you switch? You were making awesome money with colmex platform.

IanJTime says:

great video man. it shows the true struggles new traders go thru when
learning a new platform. I recently made the switch to etrade pro from
think or swim and am having those same issues. So you only do market orders

KLF5 says:

Nathan we are missing your Videos!…could you please post more

Mahmud Khoja says:

hey Nathan when u gonna post some more trades ? 

raza ali says:

Nathan good to see u again in action man … i just opened account with IB
and having trouble with learning their software … just wondering if u
could make a little video about TWS n it’s basic for new people .. Thanks 

Diego Saenz says:

Great Nathan, so you won’t come back to operate with Colmex? 

Eric Iannuzzi says:

Nathan are you using the IB Mosaic or is the the regular Classis TWS?

EScott MattAwerson says:

I want to trade cfds because it is so hard to short anything on questrade.
I’m Canadian too and looking for a better day trading platform. Would love
your help.

Chris D says:

Hi Nathan, I just discover your videos and really likes them.
I just pass from TDAmeritrade to IB and I was wondering if you could share
your mosaic workplace with us?

Amir Rao says:

The return of Nathan! Welcome back and a new platform. Nathan are you
trading accrual shares now? And awesome video as usual! Appreciate all the

Sergio Alvarez says:

IB offers das too

Chad Hillyer says:

Love watching your trades Nathan, I use the fidelity platform :/ absolutely
horrible execution especially morning breakouts, but I’ve learned to be
profitable but I have thought about changing to IB! can’t wait to keep
watching these videos, it’s nice seeing some of the trades you executed I
was on the same side as well :) Keep it up man thanks for the videos

Eric Yang says:

Hi Nathan, I am thinking about switching broker, my choice is between IB
and Lightspeed. How do you like your new trading platform so far? Or if
you could please review the IB trading platform after a period of usage.
Good luck with the new broker and thanks. 

jinfeng zhang says:

Hi Nathan

How are you? welcome back. Can you tell me how did you set up your Quto
Buttom? which style are you using? I only using the hot key one, but i
think the one you are using is better.

atube1001 says:

Great to see you back Nathan;look forward to watching your next profitable
day on IB!

DGTrader says:

Hey nathan, can’t wait till the next video. Now that you are trading the
actual equities are you gonna start using limit orders to avoid slippage
and bad fills? tx

Trader 12 says:

Does IB charge you for the platform and level 2 data?

Byron Williams says:

Always like your videos. Just a note, you may want to consider DASTrader
(can use on top of IB). It’s built on the same code and similar experience
as the Colmex Platform you used to use plus platform fees. Just an FYI… – Thanks

Dov G says:

Welcome back bro, not the biggest fan of ib but you did great so well done.
Good luck getting everything in order, it’s good to see you back.

Oscar M says:

Thanks for sharing!

Klipsch440 says:

if u hate interactive brokers platform but love their fees, the data feed
isnt the best, quote speed delayed u can get das trader for data order
entry same as the colmex style for like 120/month or esignal for 180+ or
they got special 99/month for 6month promo on esignal.. also I use
booktrader it takes up some space shows volumes unlike market depth but
thats just personal preference… I also use TOS for charts but its so
laggy im probably going for esignal trial, also i hate how in tws u have to
confirm tickers in market depth but i figure out how to avoid that in
classic tws page view u can right click on page tab and select quick stock
entry check mark..

Artur Giruć says:

Hi Nathan, when the new video will come ?

randomgenius says:

Hi Nathan, was that the base IB platform or Multicharts?

stephenshuman1 says:

Hey Nathan,

So the other day I placed a “stop limit” for a short trade. My limit price
was 11.88 and my stop was 11.98. Shortly after I placed my order I noticed
I was put in the trade. The problem was, I was put in the trade at a price
I didn’t want. I put my limit price at 11.88 and saw I was put in the trade
at like 11.97. Then after I was in the trade at the wrong price, price shot
up past my stop loss and I was still in the trade losing more money than I
should have. I was wondering if you might know what the issue is and how I
could correct it?

Eric shih says:

IB is a solid choice, good luck with new platform.

Adel Farag says:

Nathan I leaned a lot from your videos . What do you think about using
esignal platform with ib feeds . I used esignal but only paper trading it’s
super !!

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