Personal Finance & Investing : How to Become a Day Trader

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Becoming a day trader involves setting aside money to invest, and sitting down with other traders to learn the craft. Become a day trader, but only invest with money that one is prepared to lose, with tips from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on personal finance.

Expert: Mark Griffith
Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange).
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky


Virt Nav says:

out of all of my research and my long six year road to swing trading, this
guy is probably the most honest guy I’ve seen/heard.
good video keepin it real… 

Professional Online Video Marketing says:

Sound good, but I do not have a gut to do that

Luke William says:

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MrF1FerrariFan says:

explain what type of discipline?

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Reece George N says:

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darrensurrey says:

The sad thing is, most newbies will ignore this advice. The mythical 95%, I
expect. 😉

chipleaders says:

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davidlikehockey says:

Well, it all pays off at the end:). I just don’t understand why a degree in
Math or MBA is needed to become a Trader.

Draco smith says:

very helpful i am just starting out and this video help me get a better
mind set that i should be in thank you.

davidlikehockey says:

Traders make A LOT of money, way more than medical doctors.

Vladimir Lowicz says:

Hi !! Check that electropop song about Traders !!! BECOME TRADER by LOWICZ
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Andrew Poh says:

on if your a good trader that is. I personally trade forex (as a day
trader), never traded stocks b4 but I love trading forex its the best job

AileronTrading says:

Maybe because you’re a delusional scam artist?

Rationalific says:

Good advice.

Dunkelberger David C. says:

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stayfly247 says:

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shaun ng says:

day trading does not work…….get this idea out of your head….your just
wasting time

spielatarg joel says:

Great, Now check this out for the real stock fraud market story

Andrew Poh says:

what? a degree? man you don’t need no degree, I left high school when i was
16, not that i was failing i just hated school. Tradings not that hard,
just requires discipline.

helpdonate1 says:

hey fuck head

ishhhiii says:

@drewpoh do you make any money though? you dont need a degree but a
background in business helps alot, i have a few family friends who are well
off with the forex, one used to be an actuary, the other was an investment
banker supervisor, and the other was the head of foreign exchange for a
bank. They all said it took them a very long time so im not talking from my
ass. but if you think you’ve got it then good for you. you have the whole
world ahead of you. good job

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davidlikehockey says:

I know it’s rude to ask, but how much do you make on average a year?

davidlikehockey says:

$10,000 a day? how many years experience do I need to make that much?

markfuller042 says:

Wow, thanks for the ideas. I thought it’s just easy to have day trade. But
thanks to you Mark, you have gave me ideas on how to do it without regrets.

Danny Riley says:

Something cool going on with Mr Top Step com / see Futures monster for live
vid and instant messaging from the floor of the CME by guys that have been
around a long time No BS

AileronTrading says:

It’s not.

ColorBrothers says:

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Kah Ning Lai says:

it is good to know that ” Don’t expect to get rich quickly.”

clockworkorange1986 says:

can you tell me where you learned all this? any books you can recommend? I
want to get into this.

Andrew Poh says:

like i think on average like $200usd/day so like $73k i guess, still a
relatively new trader so in comparison to other traders i trade with, not
much, a few i trade with make $2k/day minimum, to about $10k/day, just
depends on how big your account is, the idea is to build up your account.

Andrew Poh says:

well the 2 guys i know have been trading 7 years other guys been trading 5

treysparker says:

@shaunshaun88 Yes it does lol you just have to know what you’re doing.
Trust me 😉

FreeSTOCKnolossROBOT says:

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shaun ng says:

i can see how easily one will be eaten up in day trading

manictiger says:

This guy’s talking about swing trading (which anyone with less than $25k
will be forced to do). Day trading is almost entirely technical.

matschbirne111 says:

well, the problem with daytrading is: your winning is always the loss of
somebody else. it’s like playing poker. there is no money to be “created”
at this business, and the sooner or later oyu are the one to loose money.
just with poker.

CastleRock says:

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