Stock Market Training: How to Avoid the Pattern Day Trading (PDT) Rule

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Grzegorz Cioch says:

Let me get this straight. So the PDT rule is only for Margin accounts
(Borrowed money?) Let’s say I open an account on ScottTrade and deposit 3k
in cash, does that mean I can make as many stock trades as I want?

Mega Thingz says:

What if I am just swing trading with a cash account and I want to buy 20 or
40 different stocks in one day, and I plan on holding all of them for a
long period of time? How does the PDT rule work in this scenario?

Keyleveltrader says:

I’m pretty sure T+1 means you can trader every other day. Settlement on
options is Trade day +1 day. Stocks settlement is Trade day + 3 days. For
options, the trade settles at the end of the second day. So if you trade on
Monday, your cash becomes available to trade with on Wednesday and then
again on Friday. Still better than T+3 but to me, a better solution would
be to open a prop acct preferably with a US based firm. Granted you would
need $2500 to $5000 to do so but most prop firms offer 5 to 20x leverage
which is for most Day Traders more than enough buying power. Viewers…..
If you choose this route, do your home work and make sure you find and use
a reputable firm.

Jarrad Fiorito says:

So what is the brilliant reason you wouldn’t just use a margin account?

rochester3 says:

my profits are tax free and i can trade same day with scotia bank

Xanadu Island says:

thanks for the video, cleared some things up i think….ugggg my head hurts

AngryLlamaAttack says:

hello I am new here.. i want to learn and there are a ton of resources
available on your channel and you are amazing for that! Is there a video
where you explain what platform and software you use?

may the nasdaq gods bless you in 2015

IDGAF says:

Brilliant. I think I found an actual reason to want to trade options.

Play Boy says:

Very nice, Uhm I haven’t considered options before, but now that theres a
T+1 on options I’ll consider it.

Wendy Justice says:

I just figured this out too! Took the margin off my account and am trading
without worry about PDT. Thanks for your options course. It has helped me

Mirrors919 says:

If you are diligent about the 3 roundtrips/5 rolling days rule, what is
there to worry? Also, if the account is funded more than 25k, no rules
apply right?

Svtcobra60 says:

In response to a previous reply from you, will you no longer be uploading
live day trading videos? Is it now limited only to paying subscribers? 

Rod McDonald says:

That is one of the most attractive features of options I learned a few
weeks back!

Koho Salmon says:

Why can’t You Open a Account From Canada ?

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