Trend Trading Tips for Swing Trading and Day Traders

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Trend trading using higher highs and higher lows can be devastating to your account. Here’s a more accurate way to trend trade whether you are a day trader or you are swing trading.


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mistakesmade says:

This same genius also has a video entitled “the best time frame is no
time…use ticks”, yet in another he proudly analyzes two time frames. His
website, last I looked, was dated 2013. Another suck yer money and dump

Jacques RAYMOND says:

Beware Guys.

There is no way that you are gonna make any money with that strategy.

Don’t trade upon Chart Indicators. You are gonna lose your shirt.

Trade according to High Volume Activities.

Wait for the reversal at looking at your resistance and Support level.

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Nicholas Huang says:

Its obviously ranging for this pair, and 5 mins chart don’t show the real
trend. Daily charts are better. 

Ovidio Nanayakkara says:

very nice!! thanks very much!! 

Michael Richards says:

The opening is totally bogus. A “trendline” is not a “line”, a trendline
connects multiple points on a graph ( at least 3) when all the uploader did
was trace the graph using straight lines. So redo your critique using at
least 3 points and then the trends become pretty damn clear or for that
matter non existent (sideways) as opposed to your “trace” line.

Lee Rees says:

With a simple stock screener and your most basic indicators and volume,
anyone can swing trade, why do you Forex boys make it so complicated, so
many trades for what, a few pips here and there day trading, a waste of
time if you ask me, even on massively leveraged accounts.

foodnetworks says:

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yourself all fake

HOW2GetFREEforexROBO says:

Very informative vid, but i prefer using EA system

stedros says:

as soon as he said 5 min chart i just stopped watching

ZaphodUk1 says:

hi, any advice for a two moving average crossover strategy? thanks

usta4070 says:

“Which highs and which lows do you use?”. How about a little thing called
support and resistance lines drawn on the chart to tell you. This clown
would rather throw an oscillator on the chart before doing the obvious.

fabin forever says:

Hai this is pery from india, i’m new to forex. could you plz help me how
can trade safely in FOREX. and also wat r the strategies in Forex.

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ericknyamu says:

@stedros hahhaha. LOL .

Bill Pitman says:

You are a moron – just try a different time frame – either way this is a
consolidation pattern – trend is relevant to the time frame you are trading
– there may be no clear trend on the 5 minute chart but this is also 1am in
the morning. If you are watching this video and wondering whether you
should send this guy your money – on the basis of this drivel – DON’T !!!

mesa134 says:

that was no down trend that was consolidation!!!

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mesa134 says:

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Poseidon says:

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Richard Doroski says:

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LifeForYoga says:

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Sierra Richmond says:

Y not just sell the Gartley sell pattern he just drew

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workplayrun says:

its called relative highs and relative lows, your just looking at things on
a very short time scale

Tomaž Prednik says:

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AshrafTheVoyager says:

Those indicators are lagging. That is a problem you have to consider

Pong ren Shih says:

nice man~ as an Taiwanese I can understand your english very clear, some
american talk too fast to me. I can learn trade and english, Thank you very

Segun Shoyinka says:

Thank you very much for your video, The video has been particular
informative. Though it is very simple, it is about my best forex video
ever. You are highly appreciated.

318767663 says:

Thanks alot, like your stuff

Lee Belisario says:

So trend trading using higher highs and higher lows are not advisable? Its
too risky, given the fact that FX trading in itself is risky too. Did I
understand it right? I am a newbie FX trader, working with GDMFX. I don’t
know much about the in’s and out’s. I just rely much to some research and
posting like this to get more knowledge. Thanks for posting. BTW, have you
heard about GDMFX?

Jose Bernardo says:

There is no trend on that chart. It is basically range market, sideways
activity. Don’t you noticed Lower Lows are exactly at same level ?

Moonfruit says:

just to add – What Chris Lori has to offer is so total and comprehensive
it’ll make your head spin. (go to torrenz, sorry Chris but folks is poor!)

Cabbycabbage says:

thanks mumpump I will check it out!

John Jameson says:

I never use indicators they are very unreliable in real time trading.

Cabbycabbage says:

I viewed his foundation course and found it interesting but extremely
difficult to find any great trust in his methods. (That’s not to say that
others wont) In my experience his course was expensive and didn’t provide a
complete foundation and methadology on his trading techniques for you to
use conclusively. A typical sales call within 2 weeks confirmed that the
“real deal” could be purchased for a cool 2k etc. I politely declined!!!
Make of it what you will. His freebies are worth viewing tho

swamper45 says:

Very nice presentation. Thanks

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Jay Towie says:

A strategy that my friend discovered and I am also now doing well with is
Bullpips. Check out google for “bullpips” to see what I mean. It is simple
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aprizm says:

all this time I thought 5min charts were noise not trend…

danielonwealth says:

This is the mock versions of Swing trading..

andy sky says:

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ericknyamu says:

@stedros hehheh. LOL . all than analysis on a 5 min chart ?

drslinky3219 says:

Hindsight is 20/20 – and as Dr Elder says – “your broker won’t let you
trade in the middle of the chart”

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createwealth11 says:

I find that trading using 5min chart is very choppy. There is simply too
much noise. Using higher time-frame is more suitable for trend trading

Piyush Patel says:

Zaphoduk1, After crossover of 2 moving avg, look for pullback and then
enter trade with use of osclillator.

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