Using Tape Reading Skills To Validate Day Trading Entry And Exit Rules

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In this 2 minute strategy session, Dr. Adrian Manz explains how to use the ticker tape to determine the validity of trades placed in and around intermarket sweep orders


Carl Sampson says:

Went through a training session with a friend of mine last night on hand
reading in poker. Actually these training sessions sort of remind you on
what is actually important in poker.

There is a tremendous tendency to want to take short cuts in poker like
looking for aggressive spots and such. Don’t get me wrong……aggression
wins in poker but it is how you are aggressive that counts.

The true Holy Grail of modern online poker and being successful at it is
being able to hand read very well. This is what you should be aspiring
towards. The value in multi-tabling a load of tables is less because ABC
play makes even less money than it used to.

Years ago you could fire up as many tables as you wished and still make
money because more and more players were making big mistakes in big pots.
This is not the case now and you have to have “tape reading” skills for
want of a better term to gain an edge.

In fact I have many trading books and especially one on tape reading that
are very applicable to poker. At the end of the day, your opponents range
can be compared to the value of a company, the betting volume indicates
likely price movement and the participants have stop losses just like they
do in poker…….they are very similar in a fascinating way.

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