$3,280 Day Trading Oil Futures 10-3-14

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http://www.oiltradingacademy.com, there is a reason why I day trade oil futures and that reason is because Oil offers the most opportunity to make money than any other trading option available, especially when you consider the fact you can use the codes on Oil like I’m doing and hundreds of others are doing. Day trading oil futures is better than the Forex, better than stocks, better than Gold or the Emini or the Indexes, and it’s because Oil Futures are always in play on the world stage with a much needed commodity like Oil. This is why day trading oil futures is the way to go right now, especially in regard to the middle east and ISIS and the fact that’s where Oil comes from and you have a perfect storm brewing for the Oil market where it may offer even more opportunity than ever before to day trade oil futures and make a nice living and make a fortune as well. I’m teaching how to use the codes I’m using at my website Oil Trading Academy. And for you code traders out there I hope this video is useful to you to see me take the codes and win on them, today’s entry was a code 1 entry into a code 2 trade. Happy Trading…..David….Oil Trading Academy