April 26, 2010 – Live Forex Trading Room Session – Learn Currency Training Online

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April 26, 2011 – http://www.forexmalibu.com/forextradingcourse.php – Daily Live Forex Day Trading Room Session – Tiger Time Lanes Trade Room Moderator and Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Trader Sam Shakespeare Enters simultaneous trades on Gbp/Usd (cable) and Eur/Usd. Both Short trades, the Gbp/Usd is a 15 Minute Trend Trade Setup, and the Eur/Usd trade was an Orange to White (O2W) Trade Setup, but could have also been called an Extended Reversal Trade Setup. As indicated by the Tiger Time Lanes Dynamic Fibonacci forex trading software. He takes a combined +20.5 pips on the two trades (see video). He also jumps into a Long Gbp/Usd Orange to White trade and is able to bank, +5 pips on half and +9 pips on the second half, for an average of +7 pips on that trade. Great day of trading considering all pips were made within 20 minutes.

This is an excerpt from a live online training room session, better than a forex trading course


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