Become a Day Trader with DTS | You Don’t Need Them ALL to Learn Day Trading

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Becoming a day trader with DTS is great because of the simple to follow DTS rules and signals but you don’t need them all to learn day trading. Recently I have been barraged with e-mails asking two primary questions; one, do I need to have all three signal generators, and two, how do “I” actually use the signal generators myself. Although Diversified Trading Systems was designed to be used with three different signal generators, you could get started with just one. With three signal generators that all have different algorithms you will have more opportunities than with one signal generator, but the one signal generator will still generate day trading opportunities.

So the answer to question one is no; you don’t need them all to take advantage of DTS Signal generators, nor do you need all of them to learn to day trade. Even though I helped develop all three of the signal generators there are only two that I really favor; it’s not that the one I do not favor is bad, it’s just that the two primary signal generators for Diversified Trading Systems I choose to use are more visually appealing to me and fits more with my day trading style. If you are just becoming a day trader, I strongly recommend that you determine what type of trader you are apt to be, you can find some insights by taking the FREE Personal Trading Bias Test. If you are looking to just get started with DTS, the “test” will give you good insight on which signal generator in the Diversified Trading Systems “aviary” you should consider. If you are more apt to be a Scalper, there’s no sense starting with the Eagle Trend Trader…….although I am a bit of an “odd-duck” because I am more apt to Scalp and/or Trend Trade and you will see in the video today on how I use the Eagle Trend Trader, it’s one of my favorite futures trading strategies.

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