best book to learn how to trade stocks – pro stock tips

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best book to learn how to trade stocks – pro stock tips
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After the golden age of Day Trading and the Tech Bubble, a lot of people turned away from the stock market as a source of income which is a shame, as there is an enormous amount of money to be made if you know how to do it.
But which companies to invest in?
That’s where the Penny Stock Egg Head comes in. Nathan Gold, the guy behind Penny Stock Egg Head, reckons you can turn a $100 investment into millions of dollars by buying and selling penny stocks. The premise behind the system is simple. Take 2 stocks. One is valued at $100, the other is 10 cents. If both stocks go up 10 cents, then the $100 stock will have risen 10%, while the 10 cent stock will have risen 100% and he has been able to identify Penny stocks that have risen in 4 or 5 times in value. By careful analysis, he identifies those stocks that have the potential to grow explosively. He doesn’t pick a stock every day or even every week, but he insists the ones he does pick are winners.
A quick look at his website shows all the usual things you get from a slick sales page, a video about how he was struggling to get ahead until he discovered a secret that he is now willing to share with you, lots of claims about all the money you will make if you sign up, some dodgy maths to show it is possible and some testimonials from satisfied customers. So is it possible to do what he says and make millions of dollars? Keep in mind stock market professionals think they are doing well if they make more than 10% a year trading. That said, the Pros have to trade every day, the small operator has the advantage of not having to trade if conditions aren’t right. Nathan Gold’s concept is to trade once a week, and with careful selection, a small trader can do well with Penny stocks. The key is in 2 parts. The most important part is not stock selection, but money management. Stock selection comes second. With Penny Stock Egg Head, you should probably start by paper trading (pretend trading) before using real money. The only money you risk is your first $100. After you conclude your first successful trade, you take out your original $100 and only reinvest your profit, so if at some stage in the future your trading heads south, you are not out of pocket.
Is it safe?
Nathan Gold seems to think so. He offers an 8 week test drive with a money back guarantee and you can always “Paper Trade” before you put up real money to see how effective Mr Gold’s service really is. If it’s not for you, then get a refund. The important thing is if you are dissatisfied, get the refund before you put up real money. It would appear to offer a valuable service if you have the discipline to follow his tips and be methodical. In all these types of endeavours, the weakest link is often you. The Penny Stock Egg Head offers a unique way to profit from the stock market
***** gas 1-1