Cameron Fous Alerts : Learn How To Day Trade Small Caps and Penny Stocks with FOUS4

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My job is to teach people how to buy and trade penny stocks & Small Caps using the FOUS4 Trading system. Watch + Learn as I trade Live everyday on FOUStv . Get Started @

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Thanks to for directing this video


cameron fous says:

hahah glad you guys are enjoying this. Wasn’t sure how people would react.
But we had a blast filming it ! 

cameron fous says:
werdy says:

“o wait, i dont have a boss” *tosses phone*

Legit laughed out loud in public library.

Oilcurls says:

I admire your marketing skills as much as your ability to make money
trading! Funny(very!), professional and to the point. LOVE IT!

matthew coleman says:

Here’s a dvd player who F#$%ing cares. lol that the funny. 

Lloyd B says:

This is a great video Cameron, very entertaining. Creative marketing, nice.
I’m going to watch it again so make it 64,848 views 

Tierre Rankin says:

Cameron, that was a VCR you dropped. Nice ending kid!

Erica Schroeder says:

Watch out Timmay! Here comes the Fous! :)

J MaximusG says:

lmfao. i watched this clip at work and i think my cubicle buddy saw the ass
shaking…haha…oh well, i enjoyed the clip. i’m not one of your students
but this is the motto. thanks for the positive clip.

Dennis Rook says:

LMAO! Great Comm. Awesome work!

Steven Stamatis says:

That’s the best commercial!!

Jonathan Arredondo says:

Ill take 2 please

Jorge Momo Kevin says:

Such a prick. Still, slightest part of me IS jealous. 

Elijah E says:


Goran Begovic says:

very good vid

DJ Nasu says:


bikeboy0012 says:

hah sweet.

Airam del Cristo Escarvajal Hernandez says:


Showing your lifestyle is the best marketing ;)

John Liks says:


Nick Lucas says:

Hahaha the music is perfect!

Mark Manderson says:

Great promo Fous. Put a smile on my face ear to ear! 

dbm287 says:

That was pretty cool Fous!

Mike Rowe says:

rad video lololol

ed zekus says:

Lol I was waiting for the FBI agents to come out at the end.
Need to get on this.

Mario Torres says:

That was awesome, great job Fous 

jack gleason says:

haah this is great!

Shany G says:


werdy says:

hole in shirt spotted at 0:56 seconds. Come on Cam…thats as ghetto as my

Yhek Yet says:

Instead of creeping on your ex on facebook, you could spend that time to
make thousand of dollars a day trading the Fous4 strategy. This is so

Gustav Abraham says:

Man i love you !

4405jack says:

hahah! so funny

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