Day Trading and Swing Trading: Do Day Traders Make Money Than Swing Traders?

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One of the most common dilemmas that beginner traders have is choosing which timeframe to trade. There are several reasons that fuel this dilemma and one of which is profitability. Where can I be more profitable? Which trading timeframe is easier for a beginner? And so on and so forth.

One of the questions I received is related to this dilemma. The question goes like this: Do day traders make more money than swing traders?

Brilliant question right? I think it is a brilliant question because it helps bring an end to one of the most common myths in trading, which is that one trading timeframe can bring more profitability than other trading timeframes. Well, the truth will be revealed in this video. So, I really hope that you will watch and finish this video until the end so you will have a better understanding of the different timeframes and of course their benefits.

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