Day Trading for Beginners – What Can You Learn From The Super Bowl?

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Day Trading for Beginners- What Can You Learn From The Super Bowl?

Day trading is a profession that takes a great deal of hours to master. Learning how to day trade for a beginner can seem like an insurmountable task. But before going over the market in this video I talk about an important lesson that we call can learn from that actually took place after the Super Bowl game.

For those of you that don’t know the back story to Russell Wilson. Let me briefly let you in on it. After graduated from Wisconsin and having some very sick stats, NFL interest in Wilson was very low. This was due to the fact that he is only 5’11” tall. This is pretty damn small for NFL quarterbacking standards.

Now you might ask, what the hell does this have to do with day trading, but I promise you that in a minute it will all make sense. During the game Troy Aikman mentioned that one of the major supporters of Russell Wilson was his father. When Russell would need that extra push or motivation to accomplish his goals his dad would say, “Hey Russ, why not you?”

Sometimes all it takes is the belief in yourself. But when you have a strong supporter there is no telling what you are capable of accomplishing. So, whether your goals are to become a day trader or master day trading then why are you just sitting there listening to what all the nay sayers have to say.

There’s a reason people tell you, you can’t do something. Heaven forbid you’d be able to accomplish something that they most likely failed at. The only thing that you need to succeed is a belief in yourself. If you can do that then you can do anything.
So, I end this video asking you the very question that Russell Wilson, Super Bowl Champion’s father used to ask him, “Why not you?”

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Aaron Still says:

Hey Liz, I hope you see this and the answer is because you’ve gotten really
busy and successful. You’ve been away a while and I’m hoping you begin
doing videos again. I’m new to trading and only 24 but I feel like I’ve
learned a ton from you the last few weeks and was just wondering if you’re
going to continue to make video lessons. I’m in the middle of the boot camp
now and I love it! I look forward to more.

s patrague says:

this strategy was taken from eminiacademy!! tick for tick

HowToChannel says:

i can make an egg

jayzee says:

Sjow us a live trade win please you know why i ask you as evreyone keeps
telling me on here and im loosing faith now is that if your a sucsessful
trader like you say you are why are you charging people to teach them to
trade and not living in the hamptons or well atleast living a rich

LAtoBKK says:

Liz, where / how do we contact you regarding training? . .. I’m doing the
5-day bootcamp thing already, but where do we contact you if interested in
further training?

Kyle VandeWiele says:

Hey where can I get the WAD indicators you have? Such as the

Daryl Frascarelli says:

go liz go

Anindya Chatterjee says:

How do I sign up for the 5 day boot camp? How much does it cost?

Stephen Tremper says:

Why do you quit at 10:30? There is a lot of opportunity throughout the day
especially at 2:59. Steve

DataBits eightySeven says:

when you say you had news , are you getting alerts about event that might
impact the market as a whole or is this just your taking on whats on tv..
just found your Chanel seems pretty and you sound young . anyways I
subscribed because i will e starting soon with a small account , i tried
back in 08 and failed miserable but i believe im a bit wiser now and

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