Day Trading Stocks Rockstar intro on Basics

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First in a series of videos outlining the basics of Day Trading. Showing how an average Joe can open an account with 5-20k and make money trading the market. I will show you how I do it, and answer any questions you have. Join me on each day and get your questions answered LIVE on air!


Jesus Truth says:

Dangerous? Just use a tight 1% trailing stop loss then there’s no danger.

Vladimir akishin says:

Why test your courage every day? Grab your money, go to Vegas, and bet
everything on black in roulette. You will know a result in 15 seconds.
Ok, ok.. Split your money money in 2 haves and bet on black 2 times. Make
sure you dont change colors.
Want to do stocks? Read Ben Graham and Phill Fisher first then decide.

Venkatesh Kudire says:

This guy is funny.

Jigsaw Trading says:

Good video – I was a bit worried when you pulled all those books out but
then I saw what you did with them…. great…

Alejandro Arias says:

Whays that songs name ?

David T says:

As someone who has personally made over $50,000 trading, I agree that
courage is a key component here. Cut losses and let winners run. If you
can be disciplined, you can beat the game. 


Hey, do you still use the same tools you mentioned in this video? I’m
guessing things have changed now. Appreciate if you could point me to which
softwares are up to date. Thanks

jeb31415 says:

How good does a “good” computer need to be?

Chris B says:

thank you

Raul Ortiz says:
IsaYourCarGuy says:

I wish I would have found your video like 12 hours ago. I’ve spent all day
researching. I’m young and brand new to this. The approach I’m going to
take is swing trading on momentum. I’m 21 so I’m fearless of losing the
little money that I do have as I could still recover. I have been
concentrating on blue chips, and I have set my alarm to read the news first
thing in the morning and try to setup up my day. I’ll probably fail
miserably but I want a trading life.

Antonio Micheloni says:

I only have 7 monitors. D’ya thing they’re enough to begin day trading?

Swati Garg says:

try this awesome android app to keep track of all the stocks you want to
buy or u have already bought.

THANOS43 says:

No Crying In Trading <--- Click the link for a laugh about trading.

Kay j says:

good info

Samir EL ZEIN says:

but what i about the scientific rigorous trading method? “DSS daily stock
select” could make trading life easy! done by scientists and not rock star

Chinh Phan says:

I love how all these videos for beginners never talk about the T+3 rule or
even if you get a margin account to get over that, if you trade more 4
times on a 5 day cycle you are considered a pattern day trader and have to
have a minimum of $25k. If you’re going to try to tell people about day
trading tell them everything.

Gvidas Man says:

It looks like if you have more monitors,you will be better in trades..i can
beat all of these morans with my phone..

manictiger says:

@TheSvorog Capitalism is far from perfect, but that’s why regulations
exist. Instead of blaming Wall Street, you should try educating yourself.
If you think we’re the bad guys, you obviously haven’t seen about how the
political system operates these days.

TheSvorog says:

@manictiger Haven’t noticed that reply,sorry. Could you go more into the
first sentence of your reply,please. Thank you.

manictiger says:

@TheSvorog I’d say 95%. I’m 5th percentile IQ and I’m barely making it.

mba2ceo says:

@benzbubblecat … The markets are irrational – NO Formula exists.

lamarjlp914 says:

absolutely brilliant. I hate when people log on these videos to push their

Terry Ingram says:

Thanks mate. I’ve been watching your vids for the last couple of days and
you are very generous with sharing your knowledge. So you’re not bad for a
“yank”……just joking everybody don’t jump down my throat. Keep up the
good work

Randy Bailin says:

The best tip possible is at 5:10. Trade on momentum. People tend to ride w/
the herd. When a stock’s moving up, everyone jumps in. When it’s going
down, everyone’s jumping ship. That’s the only technical tip you need to
know. Just a few questions to ask: (1) Is the current trend bullish? If
yes, buy. (2) Is the current trend bearish? If yes, sell short. The trick
is knowing when the momentum is over. Looking at a daily chart jumping up
and down like an EKG is meaningless.

fpstina says:

@TheSvorog trololololololol

meltingEyeballs says:

@avaresearch Please stay in the markets, I love your money.

FusionStocks says:

Enjoyable and informative video, TY

MoneyTeamCo says:

are your trades verified on pro fit ly??

40slayer2k says:

LOL thank you sir made my day

wiseimmorto says:

Sipderman hat. For. The. Win. This guy is my twin.

Sajuck Khar says:

look up 3x leveraged etfs for day trading, might have some more luck.

Ihasface says:

Then please upload an instructional video on how to day trade, I’de like to
see “better” opinions if I’m getting in to this.

reshi pn says:

lol, if only 1% of day traders are successful, isnt it better just to go to
vegas(99% chance to lose on day trading vs ONLY 0.5% chance to lose on
roullete) HAHA

vajraloka1 says:

@Learn2Blog -my question precisely,i dont have “5 k” sitting around

bitcoiner adamstgbit says:

have your heard about bitcoin? crazy high volatility, trading fees are
0.59% 🙂

TheSvorog says:

@puffrooster Can you answer it?

eddyvideostar says:

Rock Star: I know that you are using Quote Tracker. Are you experiencing
any difficulty with their backfill? For a week I have not gotten any
backfill charts. Please reply. Thank you. Ed.

MogulProductions says:

oh look, its tony hawk

WTFp0s says:

Needs more monitors

cowboydreaminvestor says:

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Krass S says:

Hi ,what do you think for automated trading on Stocks and Futures ? Can you
please , give me some orientation about what will be the best set up (
combination) with Platform to do automated trading on Stocks market with
you as a broker ? BasicallyI am forex trader and my own EA has been encoded
on MT4 .This EA has options to do automated entries and exits by signals
.Now , I wish to trade Stocks & Futures , but realize that MT4 isn’t good
enough for that and is not compatible with stock brokers

Option5trade says:


dopsdad says:

Rockstar, convince me I should pay $30 to subscribe. I looked at your
2/12/13 video and then checked performance – your picks were spot on. The
problem is, I don’t want to follow you, I want to learn for myself. Will
you show me how, or just give me day to day tips? Is there a video out here
that proves you can teach effectively? I don’t see many replies out here
either… where are you Rockstar? I’ll pay the money if you can prove
you’re worth it.

ETFguide says:

Great tips. Check out our new channel and ETFguide’s Profit Strategy
Newsletter with the weekly Technical Forecast which focuses on
support/resistance levels and weekly market trends.

sarzamineiran says:

Doing this as a career? Get the fuck outta here….

scott lucas says:

I just don’t understand how some people can live their lives like this.
these people might be the never worked a day in their life paris Hiltons.
this has been going on for a while now. I think there should be a mandatory
military involvement in every citizen for atleast one year for every

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