Day Trading – The Most Misunderstood Thing About Becoming A Winner

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Day Trading – The Most Misunderstood Thing About Becoming A Winner
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So, we’ve been through a lot in all of the previous videos. And now we’re going to put it altogether in the single most important video of the series. In this video we are covering a topic not really taught a ton in day trading. The following topic is something that high level poker players discovered years ago. The best did this.

To begin with let me illustrate my point in something we all do each and every

When you’re driving do you drive the same way every single time? Now think about this. Let’s think about it from the standpoint of speed. Do you drive the same speed (give or take 10 mph) in every single situation? And if you see what I’m getting at now, this really applies to anything we have to do in life. It can apply to sports, eating, working out, reading, and even working.

We have to adjust right? We typically adjust to our surroundings or what we have going on. So, with driving this could be having to slow down in a parking lot, or school zone. And it could also mean having to speed up on the freeway or toll way. We can’t just go the same speed everywhere we drive.

Now For Day Trading

Yet why do so many traders think they can be huge winners just trading the same way? This is not a topic taught a ton in trading schools. Here’s what they typically instruct you to do:

1. Learn Their System

2. Create a trading plan based off their system

3. Learn to execute that system in the real market.

They don’t teach you the single most important part of trading — ADJUSTING.
In order to do so, you need to learn how the market moves and what types of adjustments to make to give you the best possible chance at being profitable a high percentage of the time. We’re talking about 60-70% of the time or greater. With adjustments this is possible.

You just have to create alternate plans to execute with whatever the market throws at you. You can classify several of the market environments into particular types and have adjustments ready to execute for those types.

For example, if done properly you will not get tossed around like a rag doll in choppy markets. You’ll be able to identify them and lose the smallest amount possible.
I hope you’ve learned from this day trading series and I’ll be bringing more to you soon.