Daytrader – Letter to a former lover

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I know there’s supposed to be this hole in my heart
From too much tragedy
Does it always have to be that way?
We had our ups and downs, but still I care greatly
And I hope you feel the same way that I do
Hope you make it on your own
Hope you find the directions you need to go
And though our ups and downs were frequent and intense
Like when I wrote that letter, it said I love you to death
You know our tragic stories are the best damn ones to tell
If you hear this song some time from now I hope it finds you well
Remember when I wrote that song for you some months ago?
It was a sad sappy affair
A wretched lonely mess
Now laid to rest
So here’s this one instead
Remember when I drove up to your new england town?
Stayed in bed for three whole days
But I warned you even then
I couldn’t be the person you wanted
Sometime in the future we’ll meet again
Smile, catch up, we’ll make a day of it
And it’ll feel like yesterday again, at least for a second
Yea as far as this goes I know I have no regrets
We chose our own directions
And I chose west
..but I’m sure I’ll see you again