E-mini Futures Trading Basics (Part 1)

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Learn to day trade e-minis at http://www.eminiacademy.com – The Emini Academy provides education and strategies for new and experienced traders on how to day trade stock index e-mini futures, currency forex, and commodity futures. Our live day trading rooms and trading software seek to give us an edge in the equity and currency markets.


TheHaratashi says:

I wish someone could actually show us how to trade an emini – I mean like
where to find the symbol on Ameritrade and actually buy a contract.

Futures Trading Advisory says:

Just watched Chris’s video again! Very nice explanation of Emini trading!

Dylan Dupont says:

you are the man

FuturesTradingAlerts says:

Excellent explanation of the E-MInis. 

VJ Ram says:

Hi, what is cost of each contract?

nickyblinds says:

nice video but where is part 2?

aryesegal1988 says:

Does E-mini have level-2? I mean, can you see the amount of people wanting
to buy and sell @ different price levels? thanks, great video Chris! 🙂

Mister Opioid says:

That’s what I’m wondering as well.

Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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EminiAcademy says:

ya, there’s a lot of info out there. We recommend NinjaTrader with AMP
Futures – you’ll pay about $4 roundturn (which is way cheaper than most
retail brokers)

Joe T says:

All you need is price action to profit. Learning about more technical
analysis such as elliot waves, gann, candlesticks etc can be interesting
but not very useful in practice. I know this first hand as all I use is
price action entries with the pipdaq setups and it has sorted my trading

Silver Eagle says:

Does anyone here trade futures?

p r says:

Very nice video.. I have a question: In the “What are E-minis?” class, at
the last phrase, it says: “The “mini” means it’s 1/5 the size of the
standard futures contract traded in Chicago”. At time 5:00 in the video,
the explained calculation say that the profit is $50×10 contracts… It
means that I will deal with 10 E-mini contracts which each one is 1/5 of
the “standard contract” which means they will be the same as 2 standard
contract. E-mini 1/5 x 10 = 2 Standard contracts. Makes sense?

lewis matthev says:

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Dave Sanders says:

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ayeres James says:

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Hong Penang says:

Hi, thanks for sharing this video. Among all the e-minis trading platforms
we can find in the market, which one is probably the best to you? I am so
confused with the brokerage fees, it varies from 0.30 – 10.00 per contract
per side.

EminiAcademy says:

I like Ninjatrader (it’s what we use)… and our brokers typically charge
around $4 round turn (in and out of a trade) per contract.

EminiAcademy says:

Yep, you can look at “market depth”… However, it’s pretty much useless
because the market is SOOOO liquid. Level 2 is usually best for watching
low liquidity stocks, because an out of balance level two can lead to big %
moves in a stock. You’ll go crazy if you try to read level 2 on a futures

EminiAcademy says:

Pat, “standard contracts” are traded in the physical trading pit at the
Chicago Board of Trade. (where you see the guys screaming at each other).
They’re $250 a point… so 1/5 = $50 per point, and if you’re trading 10
e-mini contracts, that equals $500 per point. Make sense?

morgan antonio b says:

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Faisal Sawadi says:

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4 years now and would like to trade Futures, I will keep checking your

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