Futures Trading Made Simple – Lesson 1 – Basic Buy/Sell Strategy

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This is a basic futures trading tutorial. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money buying and selling pork bellies, gold, soybean oil or Swiss francs, you’ve come to the right place.


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FuturesTradingAlerts says:

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Hailey Lily says:

Great!! your tutorial is so good. thanks Jeo Gruberman :)

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Amanda West says:

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BFocused9 says:

Thanks for a great tutorial. What happens if in the example you do not sell
your contract and end up paying the cash price of 16,787.50? Do you have to
take physical delivery of the corn or can brokers hold this for you as with
stocks to sell at a future date?

phibion kamere says:

why share your secrets? either you are stupid or you are lying

Joe Gruberman says:

@El7IncA… yeah, most traders lose their shirts. It’s really a commitment
of time and money. Hopefully, LimitUpOnline helps by letting you practice
for as long as you want.

TropicFusions says:

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Joe Gruberman says:

You’re quite welcome. Another lesson is in the works. Just need some time
to put it together. Your comments are appreciated!

Futuros7 says:

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Joe Gruberman says:

Thanks for the feedback!!

Lou Keller says:

If you seriously want to make more income, you would start by realizing no
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Joe Gruberman says:

Not only can you use a Stop Loss, but it’s a necessity. When you place your
trade, you should immediately place a Stop Loss to protect yourself. I’m
pretty sure that most online trading systems incorporate the Stop Loss into
a single transaction with the initial trade. If you’re speaking to an agent
on the phone, you do it on the same phone call. After you tell them what
you want, say “IF FILLED…” then give them the Stop Loss transaction.

Vanessa Van says:

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Joe Gruberman says:

Sorry, I can’t give advice to anyone, and you probably should take advice
from strangers. However, I can say that if the Stop Loss is valid for the
day, then you should check each day and put in a new Stop Loss if the
previous one didn’t kick in, since it won’t cost you anything until the
Stop Loss is executed. If prices move in your favor, then you’ll want to
change the Stop Loss anyway, right? So maybe it’s just as well it’s a Day
order. Just keep on top of it!

Joe Gruberman says:

@MalibuLimo I don’t give advice or opinion, as I don’t want to be perceived
as an authority, which I’m not. But I’ll say this much: Each group of
commodities has internal variations so that you can trade in a perfectly
health or predictable market but get nailed anyway due to speculators,
arbitrageurs and poorly written and inadequately regulated computer
programs. Also, you never know when the Mississippi River will overflow its
banks or another war will break out (or end) in the Middle East.

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dazedbitai says:

Great vid, thanks!

sniperz77 says:

Great video! Can one use Stop Loss in trading futures?

trader048 says:

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Joe T says:

I now trade solely using fibs together with the Pipdaq which are price
action entry setups and I’d recommend anyone else to do the same as they
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Joe Gruberman says:

It’s a good question that I hope no one will have to ask based on a real
situation. Futures trading brokers do not take delivery of commodities. And
you shouldn’t ever hold a contract long enough to take delivery unless you
happen to deal in the underlying product (like a cereal manufacturer or a
gold wholesaler). You role as a trader is to regulate prices based on
supply and demand,and hopefully profit by that role.

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El7IncA says:

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