How to Setup Best Combination of Indicators for Binary Options and Forex Trading || Class-02 || Binary Trading Course || BO Turbo Trader

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BO Turbo Trader Paid course in Free || Class-02 || Binary Trading Course || BO Turbo Trader

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Topics include:
(1) Basics of Trading
(2) Candlesticks Patterns
(3) Support And Resistance(Price Action Level Trading)
(4) Buyers & Sellers Area
(5) Buyer & Sellers Entry Point
(6) SNR Strategy
(7) Candlestick psychology Trading
(8) Trend Line Trading
(9) Fibonacci Level Trading
(10) Round Number Trading
(11) Strong Trend Following Strategy
(12) Strong Trend Reversal Strategy
(13) 5-second confirmation trading strategy
(14) Market Analysis
(15) Best Timing For Trading
(16) Emotional Control And Patience
(17) Best Money Management



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