how to trade Forex, futures and stocks

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videos that will help you analyse the stock, futures or forex markets price charts and make some sense out of the seemingly random nature of the markets.

If you want to know why your moving average only work sometines and other times it does not.

The answer is in the market perspective. If your perspective is wrong, your ‘system’ that you are currently using will not work consistently. In order to understand market ‘perspective’, you need to know……The markets are non linear, you cannot use the same or a fix time frame chart to ‘track’ it. Dont be fooled by other traders who tell you to only ‘stick’ to a single time frame to trade the markets. These people clearly do not understand market perspective. The markets changes ALL the time. You cannot ‘measure’ the depth if you only use 1 time frame. Sometimes you need to step ‘backward’ or ‘forward’ to see the chaos of the markets. Once you do that, you will be able to see the underlying structure of the markets more clearly and profit from it.


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