Learning to day trade the Emini Futures

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Learn Futures Trading with View My Trades. This E-mini Live Trading Room recap shows exactly what trades we took in the trade room and the results we achieved for October 1, 2014. We ended the Emini Trading Room session up exactly +15.50 gross points total and +3.75 points net with our conservative E mini Day Trading trade-set-ups, +8.25 points with our pivot points and +2.00 points with our email alert. Each point of movement with the E-mini Futures equals $50.00 per contract. Everyone can see our live ES S&P 500 ES charts in real time and we call out all Futures Day Trading trades in advance stating exactly where we plan to enter, place our stop and take profits. There is never any Monday morning quarterbacking in our LiveTrading Room. We offer a Free Trial and do not require any credit card information. No games, just a free trial in the Futures Trading Room. All kinds of people that what to Learn to Day Trade find value in what we do. You can visit our website and contact us if you wish to learn more. Please do subscribe to our YouTube channel and let us know if you “like” our videos on YouTube and click on the thumbs up tab – it is greatly appreciated!!!