Live Trades Emini Trade Room Report

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Live Trades Emini Trade Room Report On The 20th Feb 2013. well today was another outstanding day for sceeto and Follow The Bots . get a free trial at and also our live room at . Knowing the market map for the expected range for the day and using sceeto to confirm the move down a lot of our users caught aprox 15 points today on the Emini futures not bad at all. Our indicators detected very early that the market was moving down and this was cofirmed each step of the way. Remember our indicators do not lag and you also would have had the information from Follow the Bots from the nighth before so you would have had a lot more confidence entering the trade downwards.
Our setup is totally unique, we don’t think anyone before has put order flow as well as high frequency trading live alerts together with as good a market map and auction market theory as we have. Please do check it out for yourself, it may just supercharge you trading and improve your win loss ratio for the better.
We hope to see you soon. lets all win together.


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