Overview of the Key Websites Which Facilitate the Trading of Aircraft Parts For Kindle

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This unique and informative report provides you with a resource which helps you decide where to conduct your aircraft parts sales and purchases, how to go about doing so, and information on how other companies are doing so today.We also provide a detailed reference guide on using aviation / aerospace industry mechanisms, and key pointers on how to conduct business via the Internet safely and securely (and via industry standard Type B and X (XML) networks, including ATA Spec 2000), and much more. Find out what you should know about which websites and marketplaces you should be using for your aircraft parts transactions.There is no other publication available which covers the entire spectrum of aircraft parts trading online as this report. This comprehensive collection of information outlines what you need to know, from which sites to consider using, to which online methods are available, and the key industry standards. This publication provides you with detailed research, analysis and clear direction on how to best conduct business online. Key points to consider:Intended Audience: This report is written for anyone involved with handling aircraft parts. The data provided concerns not only personnel which are directly involved with procuring or transacting aircraft parts, but those involved in the technical side supporting IT-based transactions.Detailed Research: We utilized several approaches to gathering data from various data sources (research, surveys, interviews, and analysis). Our extensive network of knowledgeable industry contacts provides OPM Research with a key resource to draw information from, and this provides you with a high-quality report to depend upon.Data Data Data: Data is not only the lifeblood of any modern enterprise today, but having key data provided in a readable, presentable manner allows you to make more informed business decisions. This report is quite simply the most comprehensive resource available on this set of topics today.The Aerospace Market is Fueled by Information: Aerospace in a globally-interconnected market which requires a constant stream of data in order to operate. This not only includes timely information, but also requires organizations to have access to ‘background’ data on the latest industry developments and trends. This report provides exactly such information, and provides the reader with a unique view onto the Aftermarket aircraft parts websites / Marketplaces / portals and supporting technology. You need to understand not only WHERE to conduct your aircraft parts-related business (trading, repair, management), but also HOW. This report discusses some of the most important technologies from a business perspective on how reach your trading partners, such as: ATA’s Spec 2000 standard, IATA Type B messaging, XML-based Internet methods and pure web-based access.We also discuss some of the key developments on trends which will affect aircraft parts such as RFID, smartphone-enabled applications, among other topics. Peruse the Table of Contents for further information on the information provided.


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