Perfect Parameters for Indicators Stock Trading FAQ in Hindi

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What is the Perfect Parameters for Indicators?? Parameter that would give us a Signal before the Trend begins, keeps us in the trade till the trend ends, filters all the Choppy Whipsaw phases, and gives us 100% peace of mind? 🙂 sounds too good to be true, trust me 90% of the new comers are running behind to find that perfect parameter for their favorite Indicators, some them are paying thousands of bucks to get that elusive, Secret paratmeter, trick that would give them their own Holy Grail system…

There are two aspects of any Indicator, how fast it is and how accurate it is…. unfortunately both are exclusive to each other…. It’s pretty simple, if you want a More accurate system, you have to compromise on it’s Quickness, and if you want the Parameters for the Fastest signals, You have to forget about the Accuracies, and be ready to be Whipsawed few times a week 🙂

IT reminds me of the Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle, sorry, I put Einstein’s name in the slides hahahahahaa, forgive me.

Watch this video, and decide for yourself, what is it that is important for you, and your trading style…
All the best.


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