Trading Secrets Revealed – Day Trading Tips From A Pro

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Trading Secrets Revealed -Day Trading Tips
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We are going to continue with our Day Trading Tips series with another video. Today we focus on trading secrets that will work for both veterans and rookies alike. These tips are important because we often forget what got us to where we are, or what we need to get where we want to go. Ok that might have confused some of you but just know that these tips are good for anyone.

Trading Secrets Revealed

1. Have a system and a Trading Plan

This one is a must. Do not just start trading without any idea what the heck you are going to do. This is a surefire way to fail. Make sure you know exactly what kind of trades you are going to take and exactly how you plan to exit them.

2. Stop Management

In addition make sure you have some sort of stop management set in place. Do not just take a trade without having any idea on how you are going to exit the trade. So, many new and experienced traders make this mistake.

3. Controlling your emotions is one of the least worked on skill

This could just be because of the fact that there is so little information on how exactly to do this. We’re told that it has to happen and even how we should feel. But I haven’t
We’re told that it has to happen and even how we should feel. But I haven’t seen any single place that actually shows us how to work on this step, except for me.

Day trading tip #4

4. Always try and stick with your gut- don’t get greedy

I’m mostly talking about keeping your first target here. Much of the time we see price headed to our target with a bunch of strength and we decide to change our target. And when it bounces against us we want to kick ourselves. If we had only stuck to our first target then we’d be hugging some extra money. Don’t get greedy and just go with your first gut.

5. Worry about what you can control and not what you can’t

The bottom line is that you cannot control the market. You can only control yourself. So, work at controlling emotions and let the market do whatever it wants. At the end of the day as long as you are consistently executing your plan you will do well.

Trading Secrets Revealed #6

6. Build your mindset it’s the most important tool in your arsenal

Most people don’t even bother building this. But then again most people aren’t winners. Don’t be an average person. Do the extra work and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it. You might actually catch yourself enjoying it.

7. Shoot for singles not home runs

I talk about my buddy here that had a problem letting the market run for 10 + points without getting a piece of it. That’s just ridiculous. You are never going to get a piece of every move in the market. Go for singles and every now and then you will get a home run.

Trading secrets revealed? Not really but use these day trading tips everyday to improve your trading. Realize that there really aren’t any secrets to speed up your success it will take time.