UFXMarkets – Currencies & Commodities Trading News-22-November-2011

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For more Forex news & info, please visit http://ufx.co/UFXM-youtube….. The US Dollar advanced versus the major currencies on demand for safety amid concern that Congress’s Budget Super Committee will announce today that it has failed to agree on deficit cuts. Today is the deadline for the Congressional Budget Office which will probably announce that the panel cannot reach agreement on determining deficit reductions of at least $1.2 trillion. Stocks closed negative as the NASDAQ declined by -1.92% and the Dow Jones fell by 2.11%. Crude Oil declined by 0.60% closing at $97.10 a barrel. Gold (XAU) gained by 2.40% due to the strength of the Greenback, closing at $1,681 an ounce. Today, the Prelim GDP is expected to grow by 2.40% vs. 2.50% previously and the FOMC Meeting Minutes are expected to be released.


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